Outsource errand tasks to trusted taskers around the world.

selbolt errand services

You don’t have to be there to get things done!

With selbolt, you can get distant and trusted professional taskers to carry out simple errand tasks that you want done in any town and location you can't be physically present in.
selbolt errand services

Verified taskers across every state in Nigeria, Ghana, India, Rwanda, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Singapore and more!

For example, from Benin you can outsource a task to someone staying in Kaduna to get an errand task done for you in Kaduna. Or you could outsource task to trusted taskers from across Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, India, Singapore, Rwanda, Egypt and more!

Maybe you need someone in Rwanda to outsource your new school admission application process in-person, instead of you struggling to do it online yourself. Or maybe you need someone to help you submit documents in a place far from your location, or represent you, shop and deliver or any legal errand task!


Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting your Tasker lets you discuss the task’s details with them. Taskers rely on the chat thread to help them determine the scope of your task and stay in touch until the task is completed.
  • Send any info they need to know in order to successfully complete your task. For example: you could let your Tasker know what tools or supplies they should bring with them.
  • Discuss the details of your task, to make sure the Tasker is the right person for the job.
  • Confirm the task appointment's date and time.

Yes. You can apply to a tasker first and chat with the tasker before making payment through the platform. So, you first search for the tasker in the location of your choice, then you click "Task Me" on the tasker's profile and send in your task request. After sending in your task request, your tasker either approves or reject your request. If tasker approves your request, you will be able to chat with tasker under the Active Taskers tab after which the tasker sends you his Selbolt's payment link to make payment.

As soon as you apply to a tasker, you will be notified when your tasker approves your request afterwhich your chat and then your tasker sends you his custom selbolt payment link.

  • There is the main tasker's price you pay the tasker per hour e.g NGN3,000. In the case that you don't have any item to buy and deliver, you only pay the main price.
  • If you stay in Kano and you have items to shop at Aba, you simply include the cost of the items and transportation cost
  • But we always advise you outsource your tasks to the tasker nearest to the location you want your task done inorder for you to eliminate transport cost.
  • The total price you will end up paying will then equal: Main Price + Cost of Item + Cost of Transportaion/Delivery

  • Cancellations are reviewed internally within 24-hours to determine if a fee is applicable. Don't worry—If the cancellation is the fault of the Tasker, you won't be charged the fee.
  • You simply request the tasker to cancel the task and then you send a mail to support@selbolt.com
  • You will be fully refunded when you file in your refund request to our internal conflict resolution team at support@selbolt.com

  • We spend time vetting our taskers. We know our taskers indepth from their multiple guarantors to their authentic legal documents
  • We also have reserved funds for damages as well. So both you, your tasks and your items are safe.
  • You will be fully refunded within 24-hours when you file in your refund request to our internal conflict resolution team at support@selbolt.com